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Prep Time: 24 mins

Cooking Time: 24 mins

Serves: 2-4

Roasting broccoli draws out the water and leaves you with a grassy, nutty flavor, a slight natural sweetness a great crunch. Add the spicy heat of red pepper and you’ve got a dish that will make a broccoli skeptic sign up…This was struggle with my daughter, who is an adventurous eater. I read in a parenting book that you have to have your child witness you cooking and/or eating a food at least 20 times before giving up on it. So I did. I would say around moment #12, she ate some and then a little more. She eats broccoli now and enjoys it.


Cook With Me

For Alex Guarnaschelli,cooking has never been just about getting dinner on the table. With a legendary cookbook-editor mother (Maria Guarnaschelli) and afood-obsessed father, the….

Price: $35.00

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