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You can see Chef Guarnaschelli in action on Food Network: Alex is the host of “Supermarket Stakeout” and the new prime time show (2022) “Alex Versus America”. She is a cohost on “The Kitchen” and a recurring judge on mainstays ‘Chopped”, “Grocery Games” and “Beat Bobby Flay.”

Alex Guarnaschelli hosts as four chefs square off in a competitive pop-up kitchen outside a grocery store. Assigned a theme for each round, the chefs must size up shoppers as they exit the store and attempt to negotiate for their grocery bags.

Guarnaschelli is a judge on Food Network’s prime-time series Chopped.

Looking for recipes and meal tips from an all-star lineup of Food Network hosts? Then “The Kitchen” is for you!

Alex Guarnaschelli hosts Food Network’s Digital Series, Fix Me a Plate that is all about beautiful food and exploring the stories behind the people who make it.

Alex by Dash Hot Air Popcorn Maker

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