Welcome to my website! My goal is to make you feel like we are at home cooking together. There are recipes for all different moments in your life– from one pot weeknight meals to dinner for two to larger holiday celebrations, I hope this space will become a valuable resource for your home cooking. So, click and explore!

Alex Guarnaschelli is a mother, chef, TV host, and native New Yorker. In addition to appearing on various Food Network shows like Iron Chef America, Chopped, Supermarket Stakeout and The Kitchen,  Alex has a new-American restaurant, “Butter”, in midtown Manhattan, that has been running for 19 years. 

Alex Guarnaschelli


The recipes appear in categories depending on what meal you are looking to create. You can also find individual recipes in each section that suit your mood. I grew up with parents that were either hungrily making a 15-minute weeknight meal or executing a big dinner party. There was no middle ground… For Ava and me, I sometimes whip up one simple recipe and, other times, I want a more elaborate spread. You can find every speed and recipe here for whatever you’re feeling. 

Corn Bread

My parents were seriously late sleepers and I actually credit that as one of the major reasons I became a chef. There was no one up to cook breakfast for me. I would wait and watch cartoons and eventually end up foraging in the cupboards for something to eat. ...

Prep Time:

24 mins



Peanut Butter Cookies

I love little touches like flattening the cookies and ensure they bake evenly, as peanut butter cookie dough is denser than most. Do not overbake these- they may seem shy of doneness and will not develop a deep brown color, but trust that once cooled they will...

Prep Time:

24 mins




This is such a simple recipe and reminds me of some of the super simple recipes my mom would pull out of her from time to time. She loves Yorkshire pudding and popovers. It’s something about the simplicity of butter or meat drippings and flour that my mother...

Prep Time:

24 mins




This is a little shop of things “ICAG” like cookbooks, t-shirts and such. Scroll through and see if there is anything that tickles your fancy. These can make a great holiday or everyday presents for friends, family or just YOU!

Cook with Me

150 Recipes for the Home Cook

For Alex Guarnaschelli, cooking has never been just about getting dinner on the table. With a legendary cookbook-editor mother (Maria Guarnaschelli)…

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The Home Cook

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For Alex Guarnaschelli—whose mother edited the seminal 1997 edition of The Joy of Cooking, which defined the food of the late twentieth century—a life in food…

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