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Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cooking Time: 25-30 minutes

Serves: 4

Imagine a tray of mixed roasted mushrooms, sizzling as they emerge from the oven, drizzled with a zingy, salty dressing, pepper, and nutty sunflower seeds. So hearty and delicious. This dish is like the ” pot roast” of the vegetarian world. A note about mushrooms: they are dirty, wash and dry them just before cooking so they don’t sit, soaking wet, in the refrigerator. Dirt is never a part of your recipe! If the mushrooms are just slightly dirty on the surface, wipe them clean with a damp towel. I love blond/white miso paste (made from fermented soybeans) because it adds deep salt and flavor to a dish without tasting too strongly. It adds a unique richness and Umami. It makes people ask ‘Why is this so good??” and ”What did you put in here???” Let that be our little secret. Using neutral-tasting oil allows the vinegar and miso to come through and meld with the earthy notes from the mushrooms. I am suggesting a combination of mushrooms that are easy enough to find, but feel free to add whatever you like to the mix.


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