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Prep Time: 24 mins

Cooking Time: 24 mins

Serves: 2-4

As far as Caesar dressing goes, I’m a fan of the classic but I don’t add the egg yolk. I do find that the flavor of the anchovy, even if you just use a little oil that the anchovies are packed in, becomes more important if you omit the egg. I also have used the liquid from a can of tuna packed in oil to flavor this dressing in place of the anchovy and simply crumbled the tuna over the lettuce.  I definitely make the dressing in advance and keep in the door of the fridge but then I mix it with the lettuce at the very last second.


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For Alex Guarnaschelli,cooking has never been just about getting dinner on the table. With a legendary cookbook-editor mother (Maria Guarnaschelli) and afood-obsessed father, the….

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