Close Up of Spinach Manicotti with Lemon - Alex Guarnaschelli

Spinach Manicotti with Lemon

I used to be obsessed with only grating the outer layer of lemon zest to get the floral notes and oils, leaving the bitter pith behind. Now I love the

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Egg-in-the-Hole - Alex Guarnaschelli


If you like a fully cooked fried egg but want that beautifully cooked yolk, do not turn them over and hide the pretty yolk. Simply lower the heat and cook

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Country Style Cottage Cheese Tortilla Espanola - Alex Guarnaschelli

Country Style Cottage Cheese Tortilla Espanola

I like country Style Cottage Cheese a lot here but their other flavors like Cracked Pepper and Chive are also fun for added taste. The potatoes and onions are wonderful

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Chive Cottage Cheese Dumplings with Caramelized Onions - Alex Guarnaschelli

Chive Cottage Cheese Dumplings with Caramelized Onions

I love the synergy between the chive flavors of the cottage cheese with the caramelized onions and the fresh chives. Such a simple flavor in various forms in this recipe

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Beer Braised Short Ribs - Alex Guarnaschelli

Beer Braised Short Ribs

You can also puree some of the carrots and onion at the end and stir back into the cooking liquid to naturally thicken the sauce without using flour or cornstarch.

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Alex Guarnaschelli's Turkey Piccata

Turkey Piccata

You can also make the Picatta sauce here and spoon it over a whole roasted turkey breast. You can use the leftovers here to make great sandwiches too… We have

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