Chocolate Cake - Alex Guarnaschelli

Chocolate Cake

This is a quickie butter cream that starts out like a melted chocolate and cream glaze that you whip butter into to make a quickie buttercream. I love what the

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Gluten Free Zucchini Bread - Alex Guarnaschelli

Gluten Free Zucchini Bread

This is such a good flour free snack or brunch item! Slice and make french toast with leftovers!

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Strawberry Shortcake - Alex Guarnaschelli

Strawberry Shortcake

Purée them in the blender and mix with sugar, lime juice and some chilled seltzer water for a refreshing summer spritzer. Or, more simply, try this shortcake recipe… I love

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Creme Caramel - Alex Guarnaschelli

Creme Caramel

We serve it at Butter with fresh strawberries (or other seasonal fruit). You can make them the night before and allow them to chill overnight or the day of.I really

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Blueberry Cottage Cheese Churro-Flavored Doughnuts - Alex Guarnaschelli

Blueberry Cottage Cheese Churro-Flavored Doughnuts

  I love the spiced sugar on the outside of these and the luscious texture of the blueberry cottage cheese inside the doughnuts themselves. These do not require yeast and

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Quick Strawberry Jam

If too sweet in any way, stir in a pinch salt…Serve warm with the scones or chilled, if preferred.First we macerate the strawberries in the sugar so they soften then

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Large Dried Fruit, Chocolate and Pecan Scones - Alex Guarnaschelli

Large Dried Fruit, Chocolate and Pecan Scones

Every bite should be worth it! Here, you have the bitterness of the chocolate, the chew of the dried fruits and the crunch and toasty notes coming from the pecans.

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Watermelon Granita Parfait - Alex Guarnaschelli

Watermelon Granita Parfait

Who would have thought watermelon and something creamy could make such a refreshing and creative combination? Layer this simplified “riff” in retro sundae dishes or any glass. Anything transparent…For the

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Lemony Baked Alaska with Strawberries - Alex Guarnaschelli

Lemony Baked Alaska with Strawberries

I love the contrast of the chocolate chips to the lemony sorbet and fresh strawberries but there a million other combinations that can be fun. Sorbet is less traditional than

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Strawberry Pavlova - Alex Guarnaschelli

Strawberry Pavlova

This is a fun dessert and not too heavy. You can use any berry here. Don’t mix a lot of different fruits. Just one, two tops.

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