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JG Melons

1291 Third Avenue NYC There’s something about this joint, the way it sits on the corner of 74th and 3rd as if it has been there forever, the way I can stand at the bar in the front for hours and how much I enjoy a hamburger there. Is it the best hamburger ever? No.  Continue Reading »

Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop

174 Fifth Avenue NYC There is something genuinely New York about this experience. It is a complete throwback. Keep in mind; I grew up across the street from the Carnegie Deli so it kind of feels like I am betraying my home turf but this place just takes me to that same childhood feeling. While  Continue Reading »

Kitchen Arts and Letters Bookstore

1435 Lexington Avenue I can remember my mother calling Nach Waxman (who runs this great bookstore) when I was a kid to ask how many copies of her books had sold and if they were selling at all! The bookshop is dedicated entirely to cookbooks, old and new, and I never leave there without wanting  Continue Reading »