Things I Like

The Weekend Baker


by Abigail Johnson Dodge

The Banana Layer Cake with Fudgy Frosting is one of my favorites. I really can get behind a cake that also has hints of a breakfast muffin underneath it all. I am a passionate baker because I do it for pleasure and recreation. I also find this book very straight-to-the-point. “Bursting with Raspberries Bread Pudding”. Ok. I can get behind that. I also like the intensity of the flavors—“Double Ginger Ricotta tart” for example. I don’t think much about time when baking, I think the oven and the batters are the boss. I can remember my mom agonizing over a dessert all afternoon and we would eat it in three minutes. Well worth the effort. Sometimes I want a recipe that doesn’t take that much time but also tastes good.